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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] root-hopping for pre-2.3.41-3 wrote:
    > H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > > Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
    > > > Where does someone in /boot end up when there is no /new_root/boot?
    > >
    > > I think we were talking about the root, not the cwd. However, the same
    > > issues apply. I think the cleanest is to not do anything, although it
    > > may have some serious problems.
    > cwd needs to be changed too, along with root. But I only touch them if
    > they are exactly at the current root. If something cared enough to
    > change them in the first place, it's probably wrong to touch them.
    > Also, anything but root and cwd (i.e. open files, opendir'ed directories,
    > executables, shared libraries, etc.) is not touched. You can get rid of
    > most of the nasty stuff with a simple exec, or by killing the process.
    > Fortunately, the most common cases, i.e. the /linuxrc script (or some
    > equivalent - we don't have to use a hard-coded name anymore) and kernel
    > threads are just where we need them. Also, the latter usually don't
    > access files anyway.

    Then why not just let this be done in userspace (chdir, chroot, exec)?


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