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SubjectRe: bug: wrong file times on ncpfs
    From Tue Jan 25 18:34:34 2000

I'll get back correct time. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason when
I have TZ=CET, kernel's tz_minuteswest is -120 instead of correct -60
(correct me if I'm wrong...), so although I see correct 18:06 from Linux,
DOS WS see 19:06. If you have lanalyzer, you can see that reply returned
to create from server contains 18:06 - altough GMT is 17:06, so returned
time is local, not UTC.

If I am not mistaken your unknown reason is the buggy behaviour
of hwclock before util-linux 2.10e.
(I am not claiming that it is correct now, maybe correctness
is not well-defined here, and it may be that better behaviour
is possible, but the old behaviour was certainly wrong.)

The problem is/was that people (i) wanted to patch hwclock to work
around kernel problems, and (ii) patch the kernel to work around
hwclock problems, and (iii) did not understand that "daylight"
as set by glibc has no relation to whether DST is presently in effect.

So, depending on the date and on the filesystem you look at,
the filesystem times will be one hour ahead, or just right,
or one hour behind.

In case Linus applies the patch I submitted earlier today
the problem will be simplified in a number of ways.

(But for a perfect solution we probably need mount data
describing the desired algorithm.)


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