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    SubjectRe: vm86 in kernel [was: vesafb...]
    > and synchronization and one or multiple vm86(2). Executing the real mode
    > code happens in a kind of mini-emulator if I understood the LRMI code
    > correctly. This I suppose is not a particularly light operation.

    Not very light at all

    > However this poses no problem with the type of operations (set mode
    > etc.) which the daemon currently implements. However I can drive the
    > vesafbd process upto 20 percent in top when pushing mouse wildly around
    > on a virtual screen in X (on P133).

    set mode should work fine, also 1.2 bank switching with a little care

    > multi-head support in vesafb too. Are these documents (I'd be interested
    > in DDC aswell) available free from anywhere? I guess not or VESA wouldn't
    > be asking $550 in total for the both of them.

    VESA make a small number of docs available for free. The VBE 3.0 interface
    doc (covers 2.0 and 1.2) is one of them

    > which would be extremely useful. DDC/AF and other code for which
    > programming information is unreachable could be useful for fbdev in
    > general (in case of DDC).

    DDC stuff can be found in the current RH installer I think (also using lrmi)

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