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SubjectRe: SMP filesystem corruption in 2.3.40 (and before) with sawmill "make install"

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Simon Kirby wrote:

> Hello,
> As per our conversion on IRC, here are all of the details.
> Installing the sawmill window manager manually on my machine seems to
> sometimes cause one or more of the files in the sawmill themes directory
> to be corrupted. It appears to usually be one or more .png files in the
> /usr/local/share/sawmill/0.22/themes/microGUI directory, and it's quite
> easy to see because the window manager will not start (or bomb out if
> restarted while in X) when a png file is corrupted.
> I'm running on a dual processor box with 128 MB ECC SDRAM, and I've
> noticed this back in the days when sawmill 0.15 was current (when I first
> started using it). The problem seemed to have gone away (or happened
> less often, I suppose) in the last few weeks, but now it just happened
> twice in a row again, when I reinstalled sawmill from within X.

Urgh... How long ago had it started? It sounds like buffer/page cache
aliasing. Was it there before 2.3.7?

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