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    SubjectRe: Devices not supporting read-6....
    Hi All,
    Good luck getting Toshiba to update their firmware...

    If you read the SCSI MultiMedia spec, you'll notice 6-byte Read/Write commands
    are not mandatory (true for ATAPI & SCSI). So, I'd say the drivers need to be updated.

    I seem to recall someone was updating drives to switch to 10-byte CDB's?


    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > {"TOSHIBA","DVD-RAM SD-W1101","*", BLIST_GHOST},
    > >
    > > which doesn't implement it.
    > >
    > > What do we do?
    > >
    > > - Blacklist it as "doesn't support read-6" and implement
    > > stuff to prevent read-6 if that flag is set?
    > Is this ide-scsi. ATAPI does not require legacy command modes. If its atapi
    > maybe ide-scsi isnt mapping right. If its real scsi then ask Toshiba for
    > scsi firmware. Thats just too fundamentally screwy to bother with
    > -
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