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SubjectRe: SAMBA is Busted with Windows 2000


Thanks, this cleared it up. I checked with Microsoft and it appears that
even SAMBA 2.0 is going to have some problems. MS has some new security
verbs because of all the security stuff with the Web that his given them
a black eye. I'm surprised that more folks haven't been plauged with
this on Linux, but I guess only a few folks on this list actually do
development on Linux Kernel and Windows 2000 Kernel stuff. Just
wondered is I was doing something stupid (which I do sometimes) Thanks
for the help -- I will forward the info on...


Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> > Cobalt Cube device is malfunctioning with Linux and SAMBA. SAMBA is
> > returning errors when you try to attach a Windows 2000 client to
> > Linux. ANyne got any ideas?
> Take it to the samba people. The next 2.0 release should, I
> believe, work fine with W2K. I'm fairly sure that this is
> well documented on
> This has absolutely nothing to do with the kernel.
> Matthew.

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