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    SubjectRe: Interesting analysis of linux kernel threading by IBM
    In <022201bf62b0$81cee7d0$1f0104c0@maticad> Davide Libenzi ( wrote:
    > Wednesday, January 19, 2000 10:25 PM
    > David Lang <> wrote :
    >> This has probably been asked before, but how difficult would it be to have
    >> two different schedulers available as compile time options? that way they
    >> system could be optimized for the expected load.

    > Hi David,

    > my patch has great performance ( 80% with 300 tasks ) with a lot of tasks
    > and low overhead ( 1.5% with 2 tasks ).
    > And my patch has 0.00 optimizations about CPU fetches and Co.
    > IMVHO 1-1.5 % of overhead is a price the we can afford given the performace
    > with many tasks.
    > My patch equals the current implementation with 8 tasks.

    Even 8 tasks is unusual for Desktop. Usually there are 2-3 active tasks.
    On other hand Desktop usually is idle all the time anyway so 1.5% looks
    affordable for sure. And for server with LOTS of active processes (Apache,
    *SQL, etc) it can be real win.

    Where I can find your patch ?

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