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    SubjectRe: 2.3.40-6 locks up the keyboard and mouse. It also fails to load my PCMCIA drivers.
    To: Miles Lane <>
    Cc: linux-kernel

    I'm CCing this to the list since I know how to unlock the keyboard and where
    it might be at. Comments?

    > If you build both the yenta and i82365 drivers, I think only
    > i82365 driver gets used. If the yenta driver isn't loading for
    > you, simply don't build the i82365 driver.

    Compiled in both drivers (I'll try with out the I<whatever> driver, I hate
    typing that number!). Right now, I can use pcmcia/cardbus cards in the
    laptop. Yenta doesn't seem to compile as a module right now tho.

    > On the other hand, the yenta driver may be the culprit in
    > locking up my keyboard and mouse, so you may want to wait
    > until 2.3.40 is released before trying again.

    I found out that if I move the mouse, the keyboard locks (gpm was running,
    /dev/psaux). The mouse also does not move. Now, I telnetted into the
    machine and started unmounting/killing things for a crash. I killed gpm and
    the keyboard started to work again. This didn't happen before when (no
    pcmcia compiled in before, now both yenta and intel cardbus/pccard is in

    P.S. Can anyone recommend a good 10/100 cardbus card other than a 3com
    3c575? I can't download at 100mbit (exceeding ~4 or 5mb/sec) and write to
    the hdd w/o the machine locking. Reply in private on this.

    Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals

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