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    SubjectRe: 2.2.15pre3 compile failure in qnx4 fs (with write enabled)
    Leos Bitto wrote:

    > The bug I was reporting is only int vs. long in .h vs .c. Alan already got
    > back to me and promised fixing it in 2.2.15pre4.

    Which is bad, since I'm changing the same part as well.

    > So why are you submitting it to 2.2 which is supposed to be stable?

    Why, do you think, does one submit a bug-fix?

    I did not (knowingly) change the (broken!) write-support - I submitted a
    number of fixes to the read-support in order to at least get THAT PART
    into a more stable state.

    The QNX4 filesystem was so broken it should IMHO never have entered
    2.2.x - since you have it enabled, you ought to know that it was pretty
    unusable up till now (but as of 2.2.15pre3 you can at last READ from a
    QNX fs all right)!
    BTW, why do you insist on having QNX write-support enabled in your


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