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SubjectRe: [Semi-OT,important] ORBS globally blocks users of these lists
In <> Matthias Andree ( wrote:
> "Khimenko Victor" <> writes:

>> In <> Matthias Andree ( wrote:
>> > "Khimenko Victor" <> writes:
>> >> It's not possible since ABOVE.NET choose to block ORBS. If systems @ ABOVE.NET
>> >> are blacklisted it's ABOVE.NET fault, not ORBS fault.
>> > ORBS has NO MEANS, NO RIGHT and NO JUSTIFICATION to block domains just
>> > because they do not co-operate.
>> ORBS DOES NOT AFFECT domains that are "not co-operate". ORBS just adding
>> them in their database as such. And it should be done since idea to block
>> ORBS and get out of blacklist that way come to mind to decent amount of
>> "sysadmins" :-/

> Hey, it's ORBS that demand that I DO something to keep my mail service
> intact, which is the wrong approach.

ORBS ask you to patch newly discovered holes. If you do not want to patch
them you are free to do so but then you'll be blocked :-)

> I haven't asked for their service, opinion or anything, and they disrupt
> other people's mail service? Gee.

They disrupt service of peoples who ASKED them to scan you. And ONLY that
peoples. ORBS will not magically insert checks in your - you should
do it yourself.

>> It's working approach :-)

> Evidently, it's not, as this vs. subdomains case shows. is just extreme [stupidity] case. There are exists lots such cases
(they are listed on :-) But in far, far more cases admins will close
holes instead of blocking ORBS since they KNOWS what the end result will be.

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