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SubjectRe: drivers/telephony and winmodems

> On other Unixen (and the Non-functional Telephony platform) every CTI vendor
> has their own interfaces (someone say "TAPI". I need a good
> laugh). With

TAPI :-)

> nothing to apply suitable pressure they are going to do the same on Linux,
> when they finally wake up and get serious about it. Some vendors (e.g. Pika
> and NMS) have had beta drivers for months, with little progress. It is unclear
> what their real intentions are. Dialogic looks like it is about to enter the
> frey, with more beta drivers. Again its intentions are unclear, but I'm damned
> certain a core intention is to keep everything as proprietary as possible.
> A strong framework being pushed from within Linux development itself might
> mitigate this somewhat. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Are not current "winmodems" serious competition to so-called telephony
devices? They tend to be cheap...
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