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SubjectRe: Linux crypto patch for 2.3 kernels

> > While I agree with the EFF position that there are still significant
> > problems with the export regulations and that further changes are
> > desirable, I believe that the new regulations now in place already permit
> > encryption to be included in the standard Linux kernels as I suggested.
> One real important note that we have to pay attention to is that
> it permits encryption to be included in the standard Linux kernel SOURCES.
> The issue of the distro makers and distributing compiled binaries is still
> very sticky. Even if it comes from public sources, crypto binaries still
> require a one-time technical review to export. We've come a long way, baby,
> but we've still got some tip-toing to do yet.

I do not think we should care about distribution makers. It is ok to
be in sources, so put it there. Distributor makers will have to solve
it somehow, but no dubt they can do that.
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