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    SubjectRe: [Semi-OT,important] ORBS globally blocks users of these lists
    In <> Matthias Andree ( wrote:
    > Rik van Riel <> writes:

    >> Then tell us how ORBS can scan those hosts to determine
    >> they're allright? Remember that has blocked
    >> ORBS...

    > So we need to ask ORBS for permission and probe us first before we can
    > send mail? No way!

    It's YOUR choice. You have EXACTLY two choices:
    1. allow ORBS to probe you then you can sent mail to me (or any other ORBS
    user like l-k ml)
    2. disallow ORBS to probe you and then you eventually can not sent mail to
    me (or any other user like l-k ml)

    If you do not need to send mail to l-k you are free to block ORBS (or, better
    yet just ask ORBS to not probe you: read
    If you are not interested in communication with l-k, Cox, Rik and so on you
    can block ORBS, ignore ORBS, set up open relay on your host, whatever.

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