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    SubjectRe: [Patch] Cleanup struct gendisk registration, 2.3.40-pre1

    > > Erm... You know a way to fsck root without mounting it?
    > [ Note: I said _fdisk_, not fsck. Completely different things. Fsck is
    > another alias issue, though, so I'll give you an answer anyway, even
    > though this is not the same issue we were discussing ]
    > It doesn't matter.
    > You CANNOT synchronize that case anyway, and you should just realize that
    > and not even try too hard.
    > Hint: the buffer cache is the _least_ of your worries. You have the inode
    > cache and dcache already populated, and whatever you do to the buffer
    > cache will have absolutely no impact on them at all.
    > To be strictly safe, we should just do a complete unmount/remount after
    > the fsck, not just what we do now (ie a "remount" without the umount). It
    > hasn't ever bitten us in real use, though.

    It is consistently biting me.

    Case: I was editing file /tmp/foo before the crash.

    fsck is running and decides to kill /tmp/foo.

    But I'm clever. I do cat /tmp/foo from other console. That way I can
    cat /tmp/foo > /tmp/bar and recover it.

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