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SubjectRe: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)
On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Khimenko Victor wrote:

> They blocked ORBS. It's enough. What they are saying is not relevant. What
> they are doing IS relevant. ORBS does not send incorrect mails, it does not
> send incorrect IP/TCP/whatever packets and it does not produce a lot of traffic.
> The only reason to block ORBS is to make addition to ORBS's blacklist faster.
> And if wants to be blocked... They are blocked. What a problem ?

We had quite a discussion on the matter in the SF Bay area (including
Silicon Valley) newsgroups. More and more companies and networks are
blocking ORBS. You will find that you are not blocking these nets by using
ORBS, they are choosing to block the people that use ORBS. YOU are the one
being blocked from receiving mail.

That some self-appointed group can interrupt ones communications by
presuming guilt until one subjects to a search goes against some core
principles that many of us hold dear. Who are these people, and who
elected them? The fix is to simply refuse to submit to their searches and
probes making their database less one of open relays and more one of those
who will not obey their demand. Those how choose to use them will find
their own communications hampered.

To find one guilty and impose punishment in the absence of any evidence of
wrongoing simply because one refuses to submit to search is wrong. It must
be stopped. The goal is a good one, the method is evil. I would strongly
suggest that all net admins block these probes.

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