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SubjectRe: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)
On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Walter Reed wrote:

> ORBS was intended to be a proactive version of the MAPS RBL (Paul
> Vixie's project). ORBS has been a hot debate item on various
> anti-spam mailing lists almost since it's inception.

It's been an important item in my zmailer config ever since
I came across it. I don't want to give up ORBS and have the
50 or so mailing lists under my control flooded with SPAM.

> They are also blocking which hosts VA linux systems,
>, Ebay, etc. Dave Rand (founder of and author
> of the free MRTG software) is violently anti-spam.

Then why doesn't he do something about it? Servers under his
domain of the net have been relaying spam for ages. Luckily
I don't get those any more.

Btw, and VA most definately are _not_ in ORBS...

> is being blocked by ORBS because is filtering
> probes from ORBS. feels that ORBS probes are network
> abuse (rightly so IMHO.)

Blocking ORBS because it's network abuse and letting the
spammers through? ROFL

> Basically, ORBS is run by a megalomaniac who wants to force his
> views on others. He is loosing. Nobody in their right mind that
> knows the story of ORBS would use ORBS to block email.

Yes we would. And ORBS does by no means `force their
views on others'. It's a bloody database, they don't
_do_ anything. It's people like DaveM, Matti, Alan or
me who _chose_ to use that database.

> MANY systems are in ORBS database because the systems admins
> disagree with the ORBS admin, NOT because they are open relays.

Well, in that case it's _their_ choice to get into the
database and be unable to send mail to vger, funet, and various other list servers. It's their
choice to be unable to submit bug reports to most of
the Linux kernel developers.

And I don't care. What I want is a higher S/N ration in
my mailbox and ORBS plus a highly tuned .procmailrc do
definately help with that.


The Internet is not a network of computers. It is a network
of people. That is its real strength.

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