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SubjectRE: Possible memory detection problem on 2.2.14
I don't believe this is a kernel problem. I had a similar experience with the
2.2.13 kernel when I flashed my Abit BH6 v1.1 BIOS to the latest image. After
eliminating the other possiblities (I had added more RAM at the same time), I
flashed back to the original image and all the RAM was detected automatically
again. I am a little mystified as to the mechanism, but I was sufficiently
careful in my troubleshooting to believe the BIOS is the problem, and your note
confirms this.

I'd recommend you send a note to Abit telling them to undo whatever change
they've made to RAM detection/initialization for all their most recent BIOSes.

On 13-Jan-2000 Aaron Longfield wrote:
> Hello:
> I upgraded to 2.2.14 and the kernel doesn't find all my memory anymore.
> I have 128M on an Abit BX6r2 motherboard using the latest BIOS (bxrnw).
> The BIOS reports the full 128M, but Linux only finds 64M. If I pass the
> kernel "mem=128M" it gets all my RAM though. My kernel config is
> attached. Everything was fine on 2.2.13, and other boxes I have on 2.2.14
> all the memory is found (also 128M machines, different motherboards
> though).
> -Aaron Longfield

Brian Hall <>
Linux Consultant

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