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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.3.39 has 32bit uid. What about 32bit pid?
    > I think we should change __kernel_pid_t now that we are changing __kernel_uid_t.
    > a) It is easy - easier than the change to larger uid.
    > Roughly speaking the only change is in the ipc structs.
    > (The other part of the change is in /proc.)

    Do libc5 and glibc give the illusion of a 32bit pid - I thought they didnt

    > b) The reuse of pids causes security problems.

    No.. people cause security problems.

    > get_pid() {
    > return ++last_pid;
    > }

    That loses your security advantage

    > (On the other hand, if we do not enlarge the pid_t size, then
    > a bitmap with pids_in_use would make get_pid() much faster.)

    ffz() on pids_in_use yep..


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