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SubjectRe: [idea] request_module(const char *fmt, ...);

tigran@sco.COM said:
> Q. What is the right design decision for Linux - to have a CONFIG_KMOD
> dependency in the header that declares request_module() or to have
> an extra function call in a non-performance critical code path that
> invokes request_module() but avoid the dependency?

Personally, I think we should avoid the dependency, and put up with the tiny
amount of extra time it takes in non-critical code paths - if it's trying a
request_module but kmod isn't present, then it's almost invariably going to
fail to do what it was intending to do anyway - so who cares about a few extra

But The Master will speak, or more likely he'll just do what he thinks is best
and we'll work it out from that :)


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