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SubjectRe: [idea] request_module(const char *fmt, ...);
On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Keith Owens wrote:
> (1) Use a different name so existing modules that call the old
> request_module are not affected. It is legal to compile modules
> under one kernel then load them into newer kernels. This is not
> always safe but it is a supported option.

Yes, in the simple hacks I tried I used request_modulef() (ala printf,
sprintf, vsprintf etc).

> (2) Make the new name a macro which becomes a no-op when CONFIG_KMOD is
> not defined.

gcc did not like macros with variable number of arguments but I am sure it
was my fault. I will try to find an example of a macro with variable
number of arguments in the kernel source and do the same.


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