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    SubjectRe: USB & Gigabyte GA-6BXD observation
    On Sun, Jan 09, 2000 at 07:10:50PM -0000, Lee Mitchell wrote:

    > I have found that if the bios setting :-
    > "MPS Version Control for OS"
    > is set to 1.4, then the usb stuff appears to not receive any interrupts. If
    > set it to 1.1 then all is fine.
    > I assume that no interrupts is the problem, i get a load of timed out
    > messages and an error 110.

    Apparently this is also the same on the Abit BP6. Since I don't use USB
    at all (and I'm not even running 2.3.x), I can't say for sure, but I do know
    that people can't use USB properly on the BP6 under Windows 2000 if they set
    the MPS version to 1.4. It works perfectly on 1.1.

    Has anybody actually got USB working on MPS 1.4? (On Linux? Don't care
    about Win2k, funnily enough 8).

    : Andre Pang <> - Purruna Pty Ltd - ph# 0411.882299 :
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