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    SubjectRE: time_t size: The year 2038 bug Summary:

    > This is my point.
    > To plan that (probably someone else) will perform a critical
    > fix in 25 years is ludicrous. The fix needs to be performed ASAP,
    > so that userspace developers with broken code will have to
    > fix it NOW, not in 25-30 years.

    This argument would have resulted in a massive cutback in the number of
    horse-drawn carriages allowed in London in 1900, on fear that the streets
    would be filled with horse-poop in 2000. It's as ridiculous then as it is

    You want to postpone the pain as long as possible, for when the tools will
    be there to fix it right.

    You make a measured schedule that will solve the problem before it's real,
    and you adjust the schedule as technology advances. To try to solve 2038's
    problems with 2000's technology is idiotic. You will undergo much pain for
    solutions that probably won't even be in use in 2038.


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