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SubjectRe: Announce: initrd-tftp 0.1
On 09 January 00, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >Of course, calling printf makes it big again, but that's no real surprise
> >(and it's still not as big as before).
> Yes. That would be a far harder problem to solve - the problem is just that
> the stdio implementation in glibc is based on GNU libio, which is pretty
> large. For space-critical applications you might want to build a library
> containing an alternative stdio (maybe the one from newlib) and link with
> that.

Scott Schwartz, Paul Haahr and Byron Rakitzis have a nice *printf replacement
library called libprint that comes in at about 6k on x86. It isn't suitable
as a drop-in replacement (doesn't natively handle floating point formats, its
fprint takes an fd argument instead of a FILE *, and in its format language,
'u', 'h', 'l' and 'q' are modifiers rather than verbs), but besides its size
it also offers user-definable conversions, snprint and an sprint variation
that allocates enough memory by itself.

My notes are that it was posted to comp.sources.unix as part of volume 28.
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