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SubjectRe: Some general LINUX questions on compiling and header files
> I've been looking around and haven't been able to find a few things on Linux
> that I was expecting to find.
> 1. Is there a standard preprocessor token you can check for to know that the
> compilation is on Linux? I'm looking for something like the __sun token that
> is predefined by the compiler, so I can put conditional code in a module I
> share amoungst multiple operating systems.

tried looking at what `uname` returns?
[wakko@ani:/] uname

> 2. Where is the <stddef.h> header file required by ANSI C? I looked in
> /usr/include and didn't see it.

[wakko@ani:/] locate stddef

> 4. When compiling a kernel module, what special flags are required? I would
> expect to have to put in '-r -nostdlib' at the very least.

I don't believe you compile them like you do a program. SCIIW, but modules
should be compiled with -c and not linked. Try ldd'ing one of them:

[wakko@ani:/] ldd /lib/modules/2.2.10/block/floppy.o
not a dynamic executable

Sorry I can't help you on #3

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