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    Subject2.3.17 doesn't like swap?
    A lightly-tweaked 2.3.17 (devfs+mastodon build patch+silent a.out patch
    +old-style patch+my latest tweaks to the memory detection code) of mine
    doesn't seem to like to go to swap when pushed:

    the machine has 256m of memory, 128m of swap, and I'm using swapon
    2.8a. When loaded down with bonnie -s 1024, physical memory fills
    up to the brim and the machine starts showing all the traditional
    out-of-memory behavior (long disk-access lock ups, mysterious freezes
    while the system searches for a free page, sudden large bursts of
    kswapd activity) while the 128m of swap remains blissfully recognised
    but untouched.

    It's good to tell me that I possibly didn't break anything with the
    new memory patch, but I suspect this isn't the ideal behavior.

    david parsons \bi/ rcp doesn't work, libc5 binaries don't work, dhcp
    \/ doesn't work, cdrecord doesn't work, and now swap
    doesn't work. This is probably not my week.

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