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    SubjectRe: > 15,000 Simultaneous Connections
    On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Jason Nordwick wrote:
    > Hmmm... let me thing about this over the weekend. You have just given me
    > a few ideas (good or bad, I don't know, yet). There are some good papers
    > on implementing sets (the mathematical kind) efficiently.
    > Some people have done similar things: one of Gaurav (the USENIX99 paper
    > author about event queues) other ideas was to use use a two level bitmap
    > for file descriptor allocation. This two level bitmap is very common in
    > many other application (actually, where I work, Ask Jeeves, we use it
    > to maintain a list of matching questions). I think that there are many
    > other ideas that can be transplanted here.

    we've implemented the double-level bitmap technique for allocating file
    descriptors. see the URL below for more info.

    i was just getting ready to port it to late 2.3 to find out if it relieves
    the contention in get_unused_fd and do_close on files->file_lock.

    - Chuck Lever
    corporate: <>
    personal: <> or <>

    The Linux Scalability project:

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