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SubjectRe: Athlon (K7) and X = crash
On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Thomas S. Iversen wrote:

(I have no ideas on the first question about X.)

> 2. If we put all of the 3*128M in the motherboard it becomes
> unstable. We suspected one bad piece of ram, but as long as we only
> populate any 2 of the 3 dimms (in any permutation) it's stable as a
> rock. Anyone seen this problem before?

That sounds like a loading problem on the memory bus. My suggestion is to
get ahold of DIMMs that have fewer chips (ie single sided, not double like
most 128MB units), possibly a different brand of memory. Check with
Microstar if they've tested with 3*128MB DIMMs of the type you're using --
it's possibly a legitimate hardware incompatibility.

> Btw. Isn't there some kind of archive over the posts on this list?

Yeap! But there aren't many q's about K7s yet. I normally get to them
via the links on


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