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SubjectRe: driver for 3COM USR PCI v.90 modem?
In <> Tigran Aivazian (tigran@sco.COM) wrote:
TA> Hi Victor,

TA> Thank you for your response but at the moment it is not obvious (to me)
TA> whether this is indeed a winmodem.

You just need to take a look on Windows driver. If there are HUGE .vxd
(or .386) file then it's winmodem for sure. If not, then may be it's not
a winmodem.

TA> If so, I will have it either refunded or start learning the wisdom of
TA> reverse engineering. But 3com's web site mentions various models under
TA> "USR 56k PCI modem" and only one of them is winmodem.

Hmm... Interesting...

TA> Surely, I always laughed at humans buying winmodems - are you saying I
TA> fell into the trap myself!? (or my wife, at least :)

This is real easy novadays :-/ In quite a few times this not written clearly

TA> So, I will have to check carefully what exactly is the model and then
TA> decide what to do, unless you are confident that *ALL* the PCI USR 56K
TA> modems from 3COM are winmodems? Are you?

No, I'm not so sure. It's almost surely winmodem but there are exist small
chance that it's not a winmodem...

Why [almost] all PCI modems are winmodems? Well... PCI has VERY complex
protocol... so you'll need custom-made chip to handle it... and thus you
need HUGE number of selled modems to be profitable... and since for most
users winmodem is enough and it's cheaper then real modem better to create
winmodem and not real one... so almost all PCI modems are winmodems (even
if it's not stated explicitly) but I hear rumours that there are exists
real PCI modems and if you are lucky may be yours is not winmodem ...
Chance is small hovever...

TA> Regards,
TA> ------
TA> Tigran A. Aivazian |
TA> Escalations Research Group | tel: +44-(0)1923-813796
TA> Santa Cruz Operation Ltd |

TA> On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Khimenko Victor wrote:

>> In <> Tigran Aivazian (tigran@sco.COM) wrote:
>> > Hi friends,
>> > My wife went and bought a 3COM USR PCI V90 modem challenging me to show
>> > that Linux supports it as good as ms* or, if otherwise, write a driver
>> > for it myself :)
>> Buy real modem. Apart of general design flaw in the whole WinModem idea there
>> are also documentation problem. Or lack of it. 3COM does not provide any
>> usefull documetation for the beast so writing of driver is [almost] impossible.
>> > Therefore, the question is - is it supported and where is the driver?
>> No. It is not supported and never will be supported till 3COM keep documentation
>> for it in secrect. At most you'll be able to get binery-only driver only to
>> find out that it can not be used with latest version of linux kernel...
>> > If not, is someone writing a driver right now so that perhaps I can
>> > help by testing it and accelerate the process?
>> Try to get some documentation first :-))
>> > If not, can some kind soul point to the relevant specs in case I
>> > do have enough time and courage to undertake writing a driver (at home!)?
>> This is main problem. There are NO specs. At least free ones.
>> > I did altavista for it and found nothing (except adverts about how good it
>> > works under "other" OS).
>> Of course ! Just like any WinModem.

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