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SubjectRe: driver for 3COM USR PCI v.90 modem?
In <> Tigran Aivazian (tigran@sco.COM) wrote:
> Hi friends,

> My wife went and bought a 3COM USR PCI V90 modem challenging me to show
> that Linux supports it as good as ms* or, if otherwise, write a driver
> for it myself :)

Buy real modem. Apart of general design flaw in the whole WinModem idea there
are also documentation problem. Or lack of it. 3COM does not provide any
usefull documetation for the beast so writing of driver is [almost] impossible.

> Therefore, the question is - is it supported and where is the driver?

No. It is not supported and never will be supported till 3COM keep documentation
for it in secrect. At most you'll be able to get binery-only driver only to
find out that it can not be used with latest version of linux kernel...

> If not, is someone writing a driver right now so that perhaps I can
> help by testing it and accelerate the process?

Try to get some documentation first :-))

> If not, can some kind soul point to the relevant specs in case I
> do have enough time and courage to undertake writing a driver (at home!)?

This is main problem. There are NO specs. At least free ones.

> I did altavista for it and found nothing (except adverts about how good it
> works under "other" OS).

Of course ! Just like any WinModem.

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