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SubjectRe: Fixing the SCSI layer
On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> I've been trying to debug a high performance fibrechannel HA under Linux. I'm
> now in a situation where its 50/50 whether the bugs remaining are in the
> scsi layer or the adapter.
> The scsi code however is so hard to read its going to be quicker to clean
> it up and fix bits than to try and debug it further. Is anyone else trying
> to clean up the scsi mess currently.
> I'm not going to write some new scsi layer, sorry someone crazier can do that
> just to clean up the cruft, including stuff like banging it all through
> indent and extracting common code into functions, moving long complex conditional
> code into functions etc.
> I'd appreciate a couple of eyeballs over the following first small patches
> to extract 'do a command and wait for it'

I've been trying to write a driver for the OnStream 50GB tape drives. I've
got it done in userland with SG, but am trying to move it into a kernel
driver, and trawling through the SCSI mid layer is getting me nowhere.
Should I maybe wait for a tidy up of the mid layer before continuing work
on the driver, or would I be waiting indefinately for that to happen?



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