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SubjectRe: v2.3.17pre1 - Patches, Complaints, Questions and Jubilations
> + if [ "$CONFIG_PPC" = "y" ; then
> + dep_tristate 'Apple Desktop Bus mouse support' CONFIG_ADBMOUSE
> + fi
> Hmmm. Shouldn't ADB mouse support be available on 68k Macs as well?

Yes. My fault. Need CONFIG_ADB ..

> vendor. Wouldn't it be more correct to have a generic "USB scanner
> support" option, and then have the HP-option depending on this one? Even

No. USB has an official open API for scanners, and then several vendors
have their own (often because the official API was standardised a bit late)

> This patch also removes the EXPERIMENTAL flag from the 3c523 & 3c527
> drivers (they are known to work well), and the EXPERIMENTAL-text from the

Umm.. I've had very few test reports from the 3c527.

> I also moved AT1700/AT1720 out of 'Other ISA cards', together with DEPCA,
> as both of these adapters support MCA as well, and added a separate
> submenu for Wireless LAN.


> A question: why is the IBM lanstreamer out-commented? Is it non-working?

The driver was never finished for some complicated reasons involving the
old (anti-linux) IBM. It can be deleted although the driver may now be getting

> instance I considered it VERY strange that Iomega Buz & Zoran
> ZR30657/36060 options should be inside the if-statement for QIC-02 tape
> support... I moved them out of there and into Video for Linux, where they
> probably belong.

Sounds like a patch miss - they should be in V4L

> 8390.c: In function `NS8390_trigger_send':
> 8390.c:1092: warning: unused variable `ei_local'

Not this one again. Its not a bug, its used on some non x86 builds ;)

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