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SubjectMIDI/joystick PCMCIA

I want to connect a small Creative MIDI keyboard to an Acer Extensa
500T, I need a PCMCIA card ending with a Soundblaster compatible
joystick/MIDI connector (the keyboard also takes power from it) and of
course I'd like to find Linux-friendly hardware.

I saw one from Argosy, but I only find on the "Linux hardware
compatibility HOWTO" at that
work is being done on a Roland SCP-55 (I can't reach infos about it on
the WEB except that it works on Windowses up to 95, I don't know if this
card has full SB joystick connector or only standard MIDI connectors,
which is more likely the case being Roland that makes it). An e-mail
message to the address which is marked as the
driver developer's one returned with an error, Toshiaki Nakatsu may have
a new one.

Appearently there is already almost one other Argosy-related driver on
Linux (, so
are there any chances about that card for future times?

Any other brandname+model? I would be glad to e-mail possible such
companies to ask... I mean introducing myself as a Linux enduser... of
course somebody with a "weight" in the Linux-kernel development could
have greater precision and effect in asking about possible NDA's...

Well thanks as lot for any info.

P.S.: saw this site but
don't know if it has anything to do with the Linux community, I'll try.

P.P.S: Please send a CC, I don't think that my subscription to this
mailing list is completed yet, just posted the request but is just a forwarded, a free service by Lycos, sometimes
it takes some time for messages actually dropping to the final target so
I may be still missing a confirmation request from the server.

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