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Subject2.3.16 Sound freeze
Under 2.3.16, outputting sound hard-locks the computer.
My setup currently initializes my AWE64 Gold ISA PnP Soundcard
via isapnp. Upon booting 2.3.16, when /usr/bin/esd runs, and makes
its frequency stepping initialization sound, the sound comes out very
staticy, and then once it's done, the computer hard-locks.
I am using the kernel OSS/Free drivers, sound built as module obviously.
It works fine under 2.2.11. PnP support and ISA PnP support were enabled
inside the 2.3.16 kernel.

My system is a Pentium 166 MMX with PIIX4 chipset, and
AWE64 Gold with 4MB RAM onboard.

An earlier bootup of 2.3.16 survived the esd sound output, although it
sounded like static as before, but when playing an MP3 using mpg123,
it outputted with similar static to esd and then locked, just like
esd did the second bootup around.

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