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    SubjectPorting trouble...

    I have a little trouble writing a module under 2.2.x... The relevant
    parts is, that it should send a packet (which is created from scratch).
    Just send a packet. Well, I've tried around many days, read really many
    sources and when I thought, I've found the right way, it ended up in an
    oops or the function couldn't be used in a module because it wasn't
    exported (It's important that this does not to change anything at the
    kernel-source itself).

    My main problem is that I don't know how to add the linklevel-headers
    But lets say I've managed to add the ll-headers...
    Then, I put the packet into an skb.
    then I calculate the routes with ip_route_output.
    then I submit the packet with dev_queue_xmit and do a ip_rt_put.
    Do I make a mistake here?

    I would be happy if someone could point me to a module which does sth
    like this, I haven't found anything yet... I'd _really_ like to see the
    source of a module which does sth. similar.


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