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    SubjectRe: [patch] kernel API documentation system
    On 26 Sep 1999, Jes Sorensen wrote:

    > >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Garzik <> writes:
    > Jeff> The current "make apidocs" command creates
    > Jeff> Documentation/kernel-api.html, containing all documentation.
    > Jeff> Eventually this system should generate individual man pages, one
    > Jeff> per kernel API function, in addition to the existing
    > Jeff> kernel-api.html file.
    > Putting auto generated documents in the same directory as the static
    > ones is a bad idea imho. It makes it hard for people to keep track of
    > what can be deleted and what cannot.

    Wouldn't the fact that 'make clean' removes it be good enough? How
    about adding a Documentation/Makefile, which also has a make clean to
    get rid of them?

    That is, use the same mechanism that many packages that use yacc or
    other C code generators use to specify which files can and cannot be

    Ed Grimm

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