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    SubjectRe: sym53c875E-0: PCI clock seems too high

    Hello Gerard,

    On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Gerard Roudier wrote:
    > The test of the PCI clock is not intended to prevent user from stupidly
    > breaking their hardware, but some reality test to prevent the driver from
    > being wrong about its estimation of the SCSI clock of the chip. Applying
    > the algorithm to the PCI bus and checking the result against the expected
    > reality (33Mhz), allows to make sure the algorithm is correct. This
    > algorithm is based on the udelay() stuff of Linux that sometimes may give
    > weird results, especially on new hardware, and then break the driver
    > calculation of the SCSI clock.
    I understand your concerns and agree .

    > I will NOT remove the reality test of the PCI clock, but allow user to
    > tell the driver about the reality they choose for the PCI clock frequency.
    > This will be a boot command option that will be defaulted to 33 MHz.
    > Probably something like : pciclk=41 to inform the driver about the PCI BUS
    > being clocked to 41 MHz.
    I thank you very much . Not that I over-clock anything I own ,
    a few people I know do . It would be nice if these individuals
    would first return their systems to an in-spec clock-rate & then
    try duplicate the problem they were experiencing & then if it is
    reproducable send out a query to a list .

    > I actually donnot care of people who overclock their hardware. I just ask
    > them for not wasting our time with problems due to their decision to
    > overclock. These people must know that hardware that have been overclocked
    > can be definitely damaged and experience far more error than specs said.

    > Overcloking a CPU that is in fact sold with an underclocked specification
    > is one thing.
    I've heard of some re-seller/Oem doing this but not with any of my
    oem contacts . I haven't heard any names of re-seller/Oem 's that
    do this just a few discussions with disgruntled owners who found
    this to have been done to them .

    >Overclocking a BUS and then everything that connect to it by
    > more than 10% was not imaginable by me. By the way, I think that people
    > that overclock PCI 33 Mhz buses up to 41MHz or more are just foolish and
    > plain idiot, but I don't care of them.
    Total agreement ! Tnx, JimL
    | James W. Laferriere | System Techniques | Give me VMS |
    | Network Engineer | 25416 22nd So | Give me Linux |
    | | DesMoines WA 98198 | only on AXP |

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