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    SubjectRe: zero-copy TCP fileserving
    >>>>> "HPA" == H Peter Anvin <> writes:

    HPA> Followup to: <> By author:
    HPA> Alan Cox <> In newsgroup:
    >> > On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Alan Cox wrote: > > If the hardware can do
    >> checksum on outgoing for you, you are absolutely > > correct. But
    >> not many do. > > Which ones do?
    >> 3c905B is the one I know about that supports this. Also I believe
    >> the Sun "big mac" cards.

    HPA> At least some of the Intel 8255x (eepro100) series do, too.

    Adaptec Starfire and most of the Gigabit cards on the market do as


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