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SubjectRe: Why is chmod(2)?
Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Jamie Lokier wrote:
> > I recommend coding a patch to find out if O_NONE is really as easy as it
> > seems.
> Note that the equivalent of O_NONE has been around on Linux since '92 or
> so (numeric value 3, I usually call it O_NOACCESS). It is required for
> things like fdformat and setfdprm. LILO also uses it. So the "main code
> path" already supports this. Drivers looking at f_mode or f_flags may be
> a different story, though.

I'm suggesting a file opened O_NONE would never call driver code.
It's just an inode reference, for the same kind of operations you can do
with a file name.

So fstat() and close() are allowed, but ioctl(), fcntl(), read()
etc. will all fail without calling any drivers or filesystem code.

-- Jamie

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