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SubjectRe: Possible GCC contamination of Linux
On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

>memcpy() and other routines that can be optimized for certain CPUs are
>in the architecture-specific directories. The only built-in being used
>that I found was abs().
>I'll wait for the next clean Linux release and submit a patch.

IMHO there's nothing to change into the kernel.

I don't care at all how my gcc is been compiled for, the gcc output _must_
be the same for all GCC of such same version careless about which
optimizations are been used to compile gcc itself. The makefiles must
ensure that the libgcc is been compiled for i386 and the gcc build process
may also create a different libgcc.a for each different architecture
supported by gcc and then link the right one statically into the binary in
function of the flag specifyed to the gcc executable.

The output of gcc must be the same even if I'm cross compiling the kernel
for i386 on an Alpha. If I choose -march=386 and some 686 assembler goes
into the binary then gcc is definitly buggy and must be fixed.


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