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    SubjectRe: strange mounting problem

    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > There are definitvely problems with disk change detection. Wether a
    > > bunch of drives have a bug, or wether the bug is in the kernel I don't
    > > know.
    > >
    > > Last time someone reported this, Alan and I both started shouting that
    > > the change-detection on his drive must be broken. Until both of us ran
    > > into it ourselves.....
    > The cases I've found it are both isolated
    > 1. Using a scsi eject tool that uses scsi generic
    > 2. Some partition code leaked buffers which made nasty media change accidents
    > occur
    > #1 is an "it hurts doctor"
    > #2 is fixed

    Are there different eject tools available? I use eject-2.0.2-3

    In my case the drive change isn't noticed by the kernel. No message like
    'VFS: Disk change detected'



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