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    SubjectRe: Ext3 filesystem info?
    From: (Casey Schaufler)
    >Helge Hafting Wrote:
    >> Seems to me that some of this can be solved with a good generic
    >> ACL interface in the VFS. Various filesystems may then implement
    >> more or less of the VFS interface depending on what they support.
    >> Just as some filesystems implement links and some don't.
    >That works for ACLs, but isn't very satisfactory in general. There
    >aren't seperate VFS entries for mode bits, uid, and group after all.
    >If you're going to extend the VFS interface do so to support pairs
    >of attribute names and data. This way you can support ACLs, Capability
    >sets, and/or whatever else you can cram into your underlying file
    >system. Makes optional features easier, too.

    That sounds even better - it could even be able to retrieve mandatory
    security controls too (as MLS is another thing I would like available).

    Jesse I Pollard, II

    Any opinions expressed are solely my own.

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