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SubjectRe: Ext3 filesystem info?

Helge Hafting Wrote:

> Seems to me that some of this can be solved with a good generic
> ACL interface in the VFS. Various filesystems may then implement
> more or less of the VFS interface depending on what they support.
> Just as some filesystems implement links and some don't.

That works for ACLs, but isn't very satisfactory in general. There
aren't seperate VFS entries for mode bits, uid, and group after all.
If you're going to extend the VFS interface do so to support pairs
of attribute names and data. This way you can support ACLs, Capability
sets, and/or whatever else you can cram into your underlying file
system. Makes optional features easier, too.

Casey Schaufler voice: (650) 933-1634 fax: (650) 933-0170

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