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SubjectRe: [linux-tr] SysKonnect driver broken in new kernels?

Looks that the problem is actually in tr_type_trans() (net/802/tr.c). It
got changed drastically between 2.1.107 (when the driver was put in) and
now. Pasting the old tr_type_trans() into it and calling it seemingly
makes it recieve just fine (it even tries to respond to pings now, but it
fails...). For some reason the ibmtr driver wasn't affected by the
change; I don't understand that driver's code enough to figure that out.

Now I can see that transmission is also broken. It sends something, just
aparently not the right thing. I haven't had a chance to really look into
it yet. I was happy for one evening to get a single direction going!

Short look into the transmit problem yeilds nothing. Help? :)


Adam Fritzler
"Something in my systray is blinking wildly." -- DS

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