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SubjectRe: Oops in cgsixfb.c, SparcStation 20/SMP [2.2.12]
Chris Noe wrote:

> Easily repeatable by holding down 'return' to scroll through a kernel
> 'make config' (these two oopsen did not occur at the same time; just
> including the second to assist debugging).

--- 8< --- cut ---

>>PC: f00f82c8 <cg6_putcs+10/2d0>
>>O7: f00f6f9c <sbusfb_cursor+48/160>
>>I7: f00f1934 <fbcon_redraw+fc/1b0>
Trace: f00f1934 <fbcon_redraw+fc/1b0>
Trace: f00f20d4 <fbcon_scroll+55c/a4c>
Trace: f00c119c <scrup+70/134>

I've seen something that looks exactly like this using vesafb and
fbcon on i386 hardware. Same reproduction scenario, only the oops was
in fbcon_cfb8_putcs. I'm at work right now, so I don't have the oops
at hand, but I'd be more that happy to provide further information if

> I'm guessing this is an SMP related bug/race, since fbc doesn't look like it'd do anything
> this nasty on a UP system.

Unfortunately yes - in my case it occurred on a UP system.

Mikkel Lauritsen -

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