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SubjectPPP with 2.3.18ac6

When I try the command 'pon' on my brand new 2.3.18ac6 kernel, I got the
following message :

[root@debian-f5ibh] ~ # pon
/usr/sbin/pppd: This system lacks kernel support for PPP. This could be
becausethe PPP kernel module is not loaded, or because the kernel is
not configured for PPP. See the README.linux file in the
ppp-2.3.5 distribution.

When doing the make menuconfig, I've added PP as usual (module).

in the system log, I can see :
Sep 21 00:00:14 debian-f5ibh modprobe: can't locate module ppp0
Sep 21 00:00:14 debian-f5ibh modprobe: can't locate module tty-ldisc-3

I can see that the modules in /lib/modules/2.3.18ac6 are :
[root@debian-f5ibh] ~ # ls /lib/modules/2.3.18ac6/net
baycom_ser_fdx.o hdlcdrv.o ppp_deflate.o slhc.o
bsd_comp.o plip.o ppp_generic.o slip.o
dummy.o ppp_async.o scc.o

In my 2.2.12 kernel, the ppp.o module exists :
[root@debian-f5ibh] ~ # ls /lib/modules/2.2.12/net/
baycom_ser_fdx.o hdlcdrv.o ppp_deflate.o slip.o
bsd_comp.o plip.o scc.o
dummy.o ppp.o slhc.o

I think there are some aliases or directive to add in my /etc/con/modules

Anybody can help me ??



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