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SubjectRe: es1371 midi_read patch
On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 07:54:40PM +0200, Thomas Sailer wrote:
> The driver already implements the O_NONBLOCK flag, therefore your
> patch is useless and changes the behaviour of the driver
> in a nonstandard way.

O_NONBLOCK is a completely separate issue. All my responses from you have
amounted to "You don't know anything about unix. You must be some kind of
moron. Your patch is useless." My proposal is hardly nonstandard.

According to "the standard", the midi read() call is supposed to work like
a socket read. And I quote from

Reading from the device waits until there are at least one byte in
the receive buffer. When the first byte is received, the driver
will not wait for additional characters. This means that the read
returns usually less bytes than requested.

Whether or not you accept's pages as the standard, that's
what applications will expect to see.


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