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SubjectRe: 3c515 ???
On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi there.
> I see there is support in the 2.2.12 kernel source for...
> 3C515 ISA Fast EtherLink
> ...but this has me puzzled, so I'm hoping somebody more clued up than
> I am can answer this...
> 1. I recently picked up a 486dx2/50 based workstation base, with
> no expansion slots, and a networking connector on the back
> panel that is clearly wired directly to the motherboard. It's
> not a big system - 8M of RAM and a 430M hard drive - but would
> be more than sufficient for a print server, which is what I
> want it for.
> 2. According to the information that came with it (mostly pages
> photocopied at random from the original manuals, with various
> comments scribbled thereon), the network is a "USR 515 10base2
> network interface". The connector on the back panel is a BNC
> connector, which tends to confirm the 10base2 part.
> 3. From memory, USR was recently taken over by 3COM, and I believe
> the 3C515 is a 3COM network adapter.
> Based on the above, I would tend to assume that the said driver is the
> correct one, but I would appreciate any comments anybody can provide
> regarding this, especially any positive identification either way.
> Before anybody asks, I can't currently check it out as I don't have a
> keyboard with a PS/2 connector, but I plan on getting one once my
> paycheck clears, which should be around September 15th.

Negative. The 3c515 from my understanding never did 10base2.
I could be wrong, but what would the point be of having a
10base2 connector on a 10/100-BaseT card? I'd find it more likely to
be a 3c509 than a 3c515, if it's a 3com of any kind, which seems
somewhat unlikely to me actually.
USR was bought by 3com, but well after the probable date of
that machine's creation. Also, IIRC, the 3c515 is something of a hack,
w/ a 3c905 chip and a PCI-to-ISA bridge on the card or something screwy
like that. Unlikely it was even around when that machine was built.
USR may have put out some net cards of their own, I'm not
sure, but you may just be better off trying it as a NE2k, and if that
doesn't work, picking up a el-cheapo network card for it. :)


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