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SubjectRe: RFC: /proc/module namespace
In article <>,
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
>Fuzzy Fox wrote:
>> Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
>> >
>> > This new feature provides a /proc playground for modules. As it
>> > stands now, any random driver or module that exports something to
>> > /proc generally must create a file, or directory, in /proc root. Over
>> > time that can get messy.
>> Does that mean that, if a device driver is compiled as a module, its
>> data gets placed in /proc/module, but if it is compiled statically into
>> the kernel, that the information will go somewhere else?
>No change in behavior at all. A module can be compiled into the kernel.

I don't think that's the problem.

The problem is putting /proc information into /proc/modules; unless
the driver ALWAYS puts information there, it means that applications
that use /proc have to root around in multiple places to get that
information out.

david parsons \bi/ That way lies madness.

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