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SubjectRe: Linux 2.3.18ac6
On Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:42:26 +0200, Arjan van de Ven <> said:

> Now, with ac6, the rtl8139 module doesn't detect either of my
> two NIC's, while "lspci" finds them without any trouble. Maybe
> the "Let's have 8 cards"-bug is replaced by a "You cannot have
> more than one"-bug.

The tulip module is giving me "device or resource busy." Works fine
in ac5.

Michael D. Harnois, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Washburn, IA
There are three steps in the revelation of any truth: in the
first, it is ridiculed; in the second, resisted; in the
third, it is considered self-evident. -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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