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As some of you might have noticed, I've undertaken the task of structuring
all the and files in a consistent manner. One thing
that isn't done yet, is the finishing touches that has to be done on the
architecture specific things (thus my cc to all(?) the maintainers of
the different ports.)

I know that some of the ports are CVS'd (or similar), thus there's a huge
potential that any changes I make simply disappear at the next sync with
Linus. Therefore I would like to ask now whether there are any objections
to this, in that case which, and also explain what I'd like to do.

The things I intend to do is:

1.) Indent the files in a similar manner and clean up everything
to be consistent, following the notes I've added on this (see
2.3.18ac4 or newer) in CodingStyle

2.) Make all options that depend on other options indented in a consistent
manner (see all the changes I've made to the files)

3.) Make the Config menus for all ports as similar to other ports as

4.) Move as much non-platform specific parts as possible away from to someplace more suited (an example is the SCSI-menu, which
at least by a quick glance appeared almost the same for all ports
(I noticed only one difference, which simply can be if'ed...)

I hope to get some response on this, both from the CC'd persons and from
other people on the list.

PS: I hope I got the right e-mail addresses for everyone; I took them
from MAINTAINERS, so if they are wrong, please submit patches to
fix this...

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